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About us

Who we are

Sahuaro is born from the desire to work together to strengthen Baja California's film industry and consolidate "Baja" as the most important production hub in Mexico and Latin America.
We are all passionate about cinema and bring together ample international experience in managing multi-million dollar projects with over 15 years local experience in Baja, producing video and high quality digital content.

Rafael Jiménez

Rafael Jiménez · Founder & Exec. Producer

Sahuaro Films & Art

Sahuaro Films is a film production company that seeks to creatively contribute concepts of social, cultural, inspirational and educational value. We focus on the dissemination of art, literature and films of high quality to make of Baja California a leader in this space.

Our Mission

Position ourselves as a stable, strong and locally rooted production house, noted for its creativity, quality, trajectory, professionalism and credibility, contributing to and boosting cinema in Baja California and Mexico.

Our Vision

Creatively contribute concepts of social, cultural, inspirational and educational value, focusing on the dissemination of art, literature and films of high quality, making Baja California, Mexico a world leader in this space.


  • Leverage our resources to create innovative, high quality and low cost methods of production.
  • Promote and support film and art production in the region of ​​Baja California.
  • Regard other artists or production companies, not as our competition, but as colleagues that together can grow the prestige and production industry of Baja.

Let’s make Baja California the most
important production hub in Mexico 

Strategic Alliances


iDigital Creative Studio, is one of the largest independent producers in the region, with extensive experience and recognition in efficient and high quality digital content production.
This alliance with iDigital strengthens and supports Sahuaro’s capabilities in phases of production and post-production of high-quality content.


TV Tijuana

TV Tijuana is "Our communication channel" in Baja California. With just over a year on-air, TV Tijuana has managed to produce and distribute, in an innovative and highly efficient manner, social and relevant content for the Baja community.


This alliance with TV Tijuana, provides Sahuaro a "best practice” example of innovative and highly efficient models of content distribution


“Papalótl” The journey     Cannes · Shortfilm corner 2014

Papalótl tells the story of...
It is a high quality production achieved in only 2 months (Jan/Feb 2014) and was selected for exhibition at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

To request a private link of the full Short Film please send a email.


Teaser del cortometraje Papalótl realizado por Idigital Creative Studio y Sahuaro Films and Arts.Tijuana BC. Papalót, the journey, will be part of the official seleccion of the Cannes Festival of 2014.
Youtube Video


Sahuaro Films & Art

Film production, Highly efficient experimental digital production, Film promotion & Distribution.
Founded · 2012

Office Tijuana · Mexico

1a · Privada Club 20-30 #3750
22150 · Tijuana, B.C. Mexico

Tel. +52 1 664 347 1607

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Sahuaro Films & Art